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1. The motor and gearbox shells are made of high-quality die-cast aluminum alloy materials, which are light and strong, with good heat dissipation performance, and the fully-sealed design is suitable for use under harsh operating conditions;

2. Adopt YEP series side magnetic brake motor, the main parts of the motor are precisely processed, and the side magnetic brake is checked by dynamic balance to ensure the motor has low noise, safety and reliability;

3. The gear of the reduction mechanism is made of high-quality alloy steel, after carburizing, quenching, quenching and tempering, etc., the accuracy reaches ISO7 level, which ensures the low noise and high efficiency of the gear transmission;

4. Reverse phase protection device: It is a special electrical device. When the three-phase wiring of the power supply is wrong, it can make the electrical appliance unable to operate and ensure the safety of use;

five. Limit switch: When the hook reaches the upper limit position and the lower limit position, the limit switch device automatically stops the motor to ensure safe and reliable operation of the whole machine;

6. The operating voltage is the safe voltage 24V/36V specified by the state to prevent accidents;

7. The side magnetic brake can realize the instant brake when the power is cut off to ensure safe and reliable use;

8. The chain bag is light, beautiful and durable;

9. Chain: Imported FEC80 super heat-treated alloy steel chain;

10. Hook: After hot forging, it has high strength and is not easy to break. The lower hook can be rotated 360°, with safety tongues to ensure safe operation;