Cranes are divided into single-beam bridge cranes and double-beam bridge cranes. The lifting mechanism of single-beam bridge cranes is mainly electric hoist.
There is a special lifting mechanism on the double beam bridge crane. Moving from side to side on the beam is commonly known as a trolley. The double-beam walking mechanism on the track is a big car. The electric hoist can only run up and down on the I-beam or single-beam crane, and cannot move forward and backward.


Crane refers to a multi-action hoisting machinery that vertically lifts and horizontally transports heavy objects within a certain range. Also known as crane, aerial crane, and crane.

The main features of the tyre crane are: its driving cab and lifting control room are combined into one. It is evolved from a crawler crane (crawler crane), which turns the crawler and walking support part of the walking mechanism into a chassis with tires The shortcomings of crawler crane (crawler crane) crawler plates causing damage to the road surface, belong to the material handling machinery.