Hubei 92,000 cranes will be equipped with "limiting devices"

Hubei Daily News (Reporter Zhang Aihu) learned from the key work deployment of the Provincial Special Equipment Safety Production Professional Committee and the special rectification work meeting of lifting machinery held on May 27 that our province will impose a mandatory height limit for 92,000 cranes. Position device to ensure the safe use of hoisting machinery.

As of the end of 2020, there were more than 92,000 hoisting machinery in the province, accounting for more than 17% of the province's special equipment. In recent years, in the use of bridge and gantry cranes, the proportion of accidents caused by improper configuration, lack, damage and failure of the height limit device, as well as the undocumented and illegal operations of the operators, has been relatively high.

According to the three-year action plan for the special rectification of special equipment safety production, the Provincial Special Equipment Safety Production Professional Committee decided to carry out a special rectification action for lifting machinery from May 2021 to October 2022, aiming to further implement the main responsibility of safety management and promote installation (Additional) height limit device to prevent crane accidents.

According to reports, the height limit of hoisting machinery is a safety device on the crane to limit the movement stroke and working position. Its function is to automatically cut off the power source when the spreader rises to the set or limit position, so that the spreader will no longer continue to rise. , To avoid accidents such as damage to the parts caused by the collision of the spreader with the beam, drum, and boom parts.

According to national deployment, from May 1 this year, manufacturers will install two different types of height limit devices (hereinafter referred to as "dual limit devices") in newly delivered bridge and gantry cranes. Before March 31 of next year, the lifting machinery user must install a set of height limit devices different from the original configuration to the in-use bridge and gantry cranes to ensure that the equipment meets the requirements of the "double limit" device.

It is reported that from April 1 of next year, the inspection agency will add "dual limit" device inspection items when in-use bridge and gantry cranes are regularly inspected; from May 1 onwards, when new products are subject to type testing or supervisory inspection , Add "dual limit" device inspection items.

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[Source: Hubei Daily]

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